Landscape Lighting in Atlanta – A Beginner’s Guide

by | Sep 20, 2012 | Electronics and Electrical

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People take a lot of care about beautifying their homes. However, a truly beautiful home is that which looks stunning at all times of the day, even when darkness falls. A smart home owner will optimize on the dark canvas which night offers and paint his home and garden with strategically placed lighting. Apart from homes, landscape lighting is given a lot of importance in hotels, commercial places, offices, garden restaurants, parks and amusement parks, among others. With the right kind of landscape lighting, your space in Atlanta can be appropriately highlighted and the illumination adds beauty to the space.

The lighting equipment

Landscapes are usually embellished with low voltage lights. Safe 12 volts current is drawn from the household power source. The bulbs can of any kind, ranging from bright yellow focus lights to white lights and lights of colorful hues. The brightness and width of the beam are decided based on the area to be illuminated. The bulbs need protection against natural elements because they are placed outside. Special fixtures are used to house bulbs. Besides lending protection, these fixtures influence the shape and quality of the scattering of light. Stakes are used to fix the holders in place.

Cables used for lighting needs to be of extra strong because they are exposed to rough weather conditions. These cables also influence the voltage of the light because longer the cable, greater will be the voltage drop. Since there are so many technicalities involved, landscape lighting in Atlanta should be best left to professionals. They ensure that no undue power is lost and your landscape is artistically illuminated as per your requirements.

Strategic placement

Strategic placement of the lights is extremely crucial. You need to study the landscape and chalk out a lighting plan. Here are the different aspects which you need to take into consideration.

* Safety is the prime criteria. Identify potential unsafe patches and avoid placing lights there

* Identify certain elements which can optimize the effect of lighting. For example, a beautifully branched tree, a collage wall, birdbaths, fountains or flowering plant clusters. Focusing on a few such places can get you the maximum effect

* Plan to install bullet lights which highlight architectural details of your home. You can use down lights installed on trees, ground lights installed along the driveway and focus lights at any place around the home

* Decide on location of lighting and ensure that the minimum distance between lights is at least 20 feet. Landscape lighting looks best when the light is dynamic, which means that there are patches of light and dark or focus and relief.

* Choose the right kind of lighting. You can choose among focus lights, canopy lights, porch lights, security lights, coach lights and soft ambient lighting

Well planned lighting can make a plain landscape look stunningly beautiful.


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