Let Your Architectural Binder Do The Heavy Lifting

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An architectural binder is the key to successful project management. Without the proper documents on hand, you could be left without the account. Finding the right format for your custom architectural binder is simple when you know what you are looking for.

What’s In An Architectural Binder?
Depending on the project, the contents of your building envelope or binder can vary, but typically you should be planning to include CAD details, performance data and any and all technical specifications a foreman, contractor or designer would need to staff the project. Examples of such specifications include but are not limited to curtain wall, window wall, skylights, storefronts and entrances, as well as architectural glass products.

Why You Need An Architectural Binder
Beyond project management and construction, a binder is necessary to have on hand for referencing materials used in a project to keep up with maintenance, security and cost of future projects. If you are building a custom binder, this will be an invaluable tool for tracking a project’s progress and overhead.

Architectural binders are also available for designers and architects in the same way a specialized catalog goes out in direct mail to construction companies. In these binders, you’ll find a selection of materials such as glass hardware, railings, windscreens, balustrades, shower enclosures, sneeze guards, the list goes on. Basically, if you need a certain prefabricated architectural material that is available, it will more often than be in a stock architectural binder.

Other Uses For Custom Binders
Custom architectural binders are useful for designers as well. A custom binder would be very beneficial for a residential or commercial designer as it would allow you to put together a project, its materials, specifications and designs in one easy to follow binder. Your client would be able to see how the countertop selections would look with the materials chosen for the sink, faucet, curtains, etc. The possibilities for customizing your presentation are limitless.

Stock Architectural Binders For Designers
Just as there are stock binders for architectural materials such as sneeze guards, there are binders with the latest materials for home and commercial remodels. The use for these is fairly obvious, but finding the right supplier is important. Having the most up to date materials – what’s trending – is vital to helping your customer come to a decision on a direction that you can help to tailor to their specific needs. The key is having a selection they can choose from and you can help customize.

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