Most Common Places of Entry

by | Dec 2, 2013 | Security

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Although nobody wants to consider the possibility of their home being broken into by thieves but unfortunately if you don’t take care to have the proper home security systems in place then it you are putting your Louisiana home at risk unnecessarily.

If you’ve never taken then time to consider how a thief may enter your home then here are just a few of the common places thieves will try to enter your home.  By reinforcing security in these places, you could prevent your home appearing vulnerable.

Front, Back & Side Doors
You may find it surprising but most thieves will manage to enter a home through either the front, back or side door without even showing signs of forced entry.  Some are brazen enough to remove the hinges or ‘bump’ the lock but many will actually enter a home making use of the key.  If you don’t want to reinforce your doors at the very least you should change the locks if you have recently moved into a property as you simply don’t know who has a copy to your home.

Back and side doors are also popular as these are often shielded away from the eyes of passers-by and road traffic so when going out, make sure that you lock these doors.  It can be easy to forget that these doors are open but by not ensuring doors are locked you are making yourself easy prey for thieves who may be in the local area.

Another very popular method of entry for thieves is windows.  Many homeowners do not consider that they may need to add extra security to their windows beyond the locks provided by the window manufacturers but you may be surprised to learn that many thieves don’t need to break the window glass to enter your home; they can simply break the lock on the window as it isn’t sufficiently strong.

If you want to protect your home in the best way possible, you should consider extra precautions you could take.  Don’t make the mistake of assuming a locked door is enough to deter a potential thief, many of them are well acquainted with breaking locks and will not be put off from entering your home.  Consider installing a home security and alarm system and making it obvious that your home is protected in such a way.

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