Obtain Carpet Stain Protection in Brentwood When You Get Your Carpet Cleaned

by | Mar 25, 2015 | Cleaning

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Carpeting is usually preferred as a floor covering because it offers insulation as well as a lower-noise environment. Even homeowners with pets will choose a floor sized rug over tile or Pergo. Carpeting comes in more colors and, simply, is just more soothing on the nerves.

Carpeting Provides a Quieter Home Environment

After all, you don’t want to be relaxing at home and constantly have to listen to your dog’s or children’s steps as they traipse across the floor. That is why many homeowners opt for stain protection in Brentwood when their carpeting or upholstery fabrics are cleaned.

Carpet stain protection is offered in the form of Perma-Guard. The stain protection can be added to the carpet or upholstery when the materials are cleaned. Stain protection makes it possible for homeowners to blot up spills with only cold water and a terry cloth towel. Therefore, you can feel more assured when you spill coke, hot chocolate or even red wine on your rug or upholstery that there would be no permanent stain. You also experience fewer problems when removing stains that are caused by your dog or cat.

Protection that Lasts Up to Five Years

Stain protection, when applied by a carpet cleaning company, typically lasts about three to five years. When you compare that type of protection to Scotchguarding a rug or fabric, the time variance is significant. Scotchguarding only lasts up to 6 months by comparison.

Avoiding Everyday Stains: Some Rules That Will Keep You Out of Trouble

Besides protecting you carpet or upholstery fabric with a stain-guard type of substance, you can avoid everyday stains by practicing the following:

* Always wear an apron when cooking or preparing preserves. Use a man’s button-up shirt as an apron for children as it can easily be cleaned.

* Dress your toddler after he eats breakfast and save his day clothes from stains.

If you are planning to go out for the evening, apply your make-up before you dress.

* Ban all ink pens with ink that is non-washable from the home.

* Always cover your furniture and carpeting before you take on any DIY projects.

* Go outside when grooming your dog or cat or when you are polishing silver.

* Always serve soup at the dinner table, using a bowl with a spout.

* Never put a newspaper down to protect a floor or surface as the newsprint, if dampened, can cause permanent staining, especially to hardwoods or styles.

Always Play it Safe

Play it safe when it comes to stains or discolorations. Use an all-inclusive carpet cleaning service to clean your carpet and provide it with the optimum protection. Learn all you can about stain removal and prevention, and you can reduce the incidence of stains as well as unanticipated mishaps. Make it a priority to safeguard you upholstery and carpet to keep the materials in tip-top shape.

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