Outdoor lighting makes exterior of your home safe and wonderful

by | Nov 9, 2011 | Lighting

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Outdoor lighting adds ambience to your home and makes it look more beautiful. You can use outdoor lighting in different ways to serve different purposes. Most common application of outdoor lighting is to enhance security of home. Some of these lights are motion activated and turn on automatically when something moves past. Another useful purpose that outdoor lighting serves is to illuminate area where you need it. If you are working in the back porch you will need light to see things properly. You can perform other activities during night time in your garden or garage with outdoor lighting.

Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor Lighting

You can find variety of outdoor lighting for illuminating exterior of your home or office building. One of the outdoor lighting types is up-lighting. In this lighting fixtures are turned upwards to focus light on some specific area of your home or building. Another type of outdoor lighting is down-lighting. It is used as spotlight feature for designated area of your home. The main purpose outdoor lighting serves is to help in ensuring safety and security of house. Zone lighting is another popular outdoor lighting which is used for lighting different zones around your home such as swimming pool, pleasing floral displays or kids’ playing area.

Long side walks and pathways do require additional lighting. Brass outdoor lighting fixtures can be used for pathway lights. These lights stand about 15 to 25 inches from the ground and provide sufficient light to walk safely at night.

Landscape outdoor lighting is taller than pathway light and provides subdued illumination in the exterior space of your home.

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