Perform a Roof Inspection to Determine if You Need a New Roof in Hendersonville NC

by | Apr 15, 2020 | Roofing

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Your roofing system is more than just the top to your home. It’s an integral part of the entire architecture and appeal of your home. A durable roofing system functions to keep the outdoor elements from entering a home’s interior. If you have problems with your current roofing system, it will need to be repaired with a roof inspenction in Hendersonville NC. It’s advisable to conduct an inspection that will help indicate which course of action to take. Whether you plan to do the job yourself or hire a reputable company like Mallard Construction & Roofing, it’s a smart idea to learn about roofing systems through an inspection so you will be knowledgeable of the roofing process.

Consolidated Roofing Contractors, Inc., recommends inspecting a roofing system twice a year. Doing it in the spring and fall will let you benefit from milder temperatures. When you are performing an inspection, safety is the number one priority. Inspect your roof when the weather is pleasant. Avoid checking out your roof when it’s raining, sleeting, snowing, or lightening. Also, practice safety techniques to ensure your well-being such as using a secure ladder, having another person with you during the inspection, and wearing safety equipment such as a harness.

Start the examination of your roofing system by heading up to your attic. You will need a reliable flashlight with a steady, high-intensity beam. As you are moving the flashlight across the top of your attic, be vigilant of dark spots and trails; light shining through the roof; and areas where the roof deck is sagging. All of these can be indicative of a defective roofing system.

After you inspect the underside of your roof, head up to the top of the roof. Carefully inspect the area for missing or damaged shingles. Also, be observant of granules in the gutters. This can result from the wear and tear on a roofing system. Once you have completed your inspection, make a decision that will restore the integrity of your roof to enhance the market and aesthetic value of your home.

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