Pressure Washing Services That Can Clean Tough Surfaces

by | Jun 23, 2020 | Home Improvement

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When you are trying to clean your house or business, you might find that certain stains or surfaces are particularly resistant to cleaning. You might have tried different solvents and cleaning solutions without much success. Some of these stains can only be cleaned with pressure washing services.


Oil is notoriously difficult to clean. It is difficult for a few reasons. Oil does not mix with water, so it is obviously not water soluble. That means that water alone will not clean up nor will most water-based cleaning solutions. That rules out any gentle cleaning products. Also, when oil is hot, such as oil that drips from a hot engine, it stains even faster. That is why oil on driveways is one of the most difficult stains to remove.

Oil on driveways is a typical problem in parking lots, industrial drives, and residential driving ways. Typically, these stains get darker and more resilient the longer they are exposed to the elements. Cleaning them up as quickly as possible is essential. Also, oil that drips from cars onto driveways tends to come from faulty engines, which means it is likely to be old oil, which will be dark.

However, you can use oil’s properties to your advantages. Since it does not mix with water, you can wash it away with high-pressure water. Pressure washing services in Montgomery County MD have high rates of success blasting oil and grime from driveways.


House siding takes the brunt of the elements. When wind blows, dirt and moisture travel with it. Typically, they hit the siding on your house. If you have brick or stucco, it might not be terribly noticeable when it is getting dirty. However, eventually you will want to clean it. When you do, you will find that the coarse, rough texture of the siding makes it impossible to clean with a rag or brush. There are simply too many crevices and crannies where dirt can hide.

Pressure washing services in Montgomery County MD can clean the side of your house more effectively than trying to brush or scrub away dirt. Water can penetrate the cracks and crevices in the brick to wash away the dirt.

In addition to cleaning hard to clean surfaces, a pressure washer has a longer reach than you will with your hands. You can spray your pressure washer much farther than you would be able to reach. Also, depending on the height of your house, you can even avoid getting up on ladders.


While it is not the most common use for a pressure washer, you can use a pressure washer with a soap tip to wash your car. The machine sprays soapy water at your car to blast away dirt and road grime.

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