Professional Geriatric Home Care in Pinellas County Can Help Clients Enjoy Longer, Higher-Quality Lives

by | Oct 1, 2018 | Services

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Some researchers have been studying parts of the world they call Blue Zones, in which the residents live unusually long and healthy lives. They seek to learn the factors in play that could allow people all around the globe to enjoy better health and longevity. For various reasons, it’s possible that Geriatric Home Care in Pinellas County could be part of this endeavor.

Regular Assistance

An elderly person who live alone and has a certain level of disability may have a lower quality of life than younger, healthy adults. However, that doesn’t have to be inevitable. This person may be receiving occasional visits from adult children and grandchildren who help out to some extent, but professional Geriatric Home Care in Pinellas County can be there more regularly. Often, the older person and the other relatives don’t live in the same town.

Minimizing Embarrassment

For example, an elderly individual with painful rheumatoid arthritis may feel embarrassed at the idea of relatives helping with bathing and grooming. If they prepare some meals and do some light housekeeping, that might be acceptable, but this person doesn’t want to feel like a burden on the family. Visits by a nurse’s aide from an organization like Family First Homecare can help.

Coordination of a Care Regimen

Visits by a registered nurse may be advisable as well. This nurse can help coordinate a better care regiment by conferring with the client’s physician and developing a plan of action. A person with rheumatoid arthritis, for instance, may find that physical therapy helps relieve symptoms. The nurse’s aide can drive the client to the sessions.

Blue Zones

And what about those Blue Zones? One important factor is a healthy diet, which the nurse’s aide can help with. This person can do the grocery shopping and prepare meals ahead of time so the dishes can be refrigerated for later. Other factors include plenty of socializing and being mentally stimulated. Disabled older individuals can become increasingly isolated, which is a risk factor for illness and unhealthy habits like excessive drinking of alcohol. The home caregiver can help the client get involved in senior activities, and drive this person to church, programs at the library, and other places of interest. Like us on Facebook.

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