Professional Roof Installation in Topeka KS Helps Roofs Last Longer

by | Oct 2, 2018 | Roofing

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When a homeowner needs a new roof, it is important to get professional roof installation in Topeka KS. Why? Because no matter how good the roofing material is, it depends on professional installation to work well and last the longest time. If a roof is installed by amateurs or fly-by-night operators, it can wear out sooner and leak. The roof needs to be sealed at all breaks such as sky lights or chimneys. Any mistake in installation can void the manufacturer’s warranty.

Professional Installation

Roof Installation in Topeka KS must be done by licensed, insured companies such as Alpha Roofing for the best results. There are shortcuts that bad roofers use that save them money and time, but compromise the quality of the roof job. A proper roofing installation includes removing the old roofing materials, repairing the roof sheathing. Installing rolls of waterproofing such as tar paper or a modern equivalent helps make the roof more secure. All breaks in the flat surface need to have to have some kind of flashing or sealing material properly installed.

Now, the new roofing material can be installed according to the manufacturer’s instructions. When a roof is properly installed, the debris from the job should be loaded up and hauled away. The homeowner should receive a product and labor warranty from the roof installation in Topeka KS company. The professional roofing company should guarantee a smooth installation with no or very few open days for the home roof. Companies that remove a roof and then leave home open to the weather for days while the installation crew finishes up an earlier job are in the wrong.

Final Installation Result.

No one wants their home to be open without roofing during a bad thunderstorm. The water damage can cost thousands of dollars to repair. Tacking a few tarps on an open roof is not sufficient. The best installation companies schedule their crews, so there are no open days between removal of a roof and installing the new roof. It is a very good idea for the homeowner

to ask for a tour of their new roof, inspecting the installation and especially around the chimney and other areas that have to flash. Click here for more information on roofing.

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