Protect Your Family and Get Mold Cleaning in San Francisco

by | Mar 12, 2015 | Home & Garden

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Mold in your workplace, school, or home can cause numerous serious health concerns that you may not realize are related to mold exposure. SWIFT Restoration Company gets rid of this silent threat to the health of your family with mold cleaning in San Francisco.

What Is Mold?

Molds are various types of fungi which grow in filaments, reproducing by spore formation. The common term mildew is used to indicate certain kinds of mold, especially those which are grayish or white in color, or mold growing in bathrooms and shower stalls. It can grow outdoors or indoors, and flourishes in habitats which are warm, damp, and humid. Our mold cleaning in San Francisco is done in any season, in virtually any environment.

Where Mold Is Found in Homes

While basements and shower stalls are common moist areas prone to mold growth, any area in the home with moisture can contain mold. Around plumbing pipes, underneath sinks, wallpaper, paneling, roofing, ductwork, furniture, carpets, ceiling tiles, and drywall are examples of areas our mold cleaning in San Francisco has removed mold. Mold can attach to pets, shoes, and clothing and be carried into the home. It can also enter through vents, windows, and doors which are open.

Health Problems Linked to Mold

Molds produce substances which act as allergens in sensitive individuals. Symptoms of an allergic reaction to mold include:

1. Itchy, watery eyes
2. Sneezing and runny nose
3. Wheezing or coughing
4. Red eyes
5. Skin rash or irritation

Severe reactions to mold exposure are rare, but symptoms include breathing difficulties and fever. Those who have chronic lung conditions or compromised immune systems may develop severe lung infections. Some mold types also produce toxic substances called mycotoxins. Mold may not cause any issues with your health, or it may lead to problems in people who are sensitive. Mold cleaning in San Francisco, done by SWIFT Restoration Company, makes the air safe for your family to breathe, helping to reduce asthma attacks and other breathing problems.

Simple Ways to Prevent Mold Before It Starts

1. Have water damage or leaks cleaned and dried within twenty-four hours
2. Avoid installing carpet in humid bathrooms and basements
3. Vent moisture-causing appliances to the outdoors
4. Use an air conditioner or dehumidifier  during humid periods to reduce moisture in the air
5. Open windows or use fans in the bathroom while showering or bathing

If you see evidence of mold infestation anywhere in your home, call us for mold cleaning in San Francisco right away. Our technicians will be at your residence within thirty minutes to start the cleaning process. Homeowners who are unsure whether they have mold should call to get a free mold inspection before there is damage.

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