Pull The Room Together with House Painting in New Canaan CT

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The easiest and cheapest way to change to look and feel of your house is by changing the colors. Exterior painting can update and refresh the look of your house as well as increase the market value. If you are getting ready to sale your house this one simple fix can greatly increase your curb appeal and draw in more buyers. Color changes to the interior of the house can really change the whole appearance of the room. Tying in or coordinating your colors to your fabrics, rugs and wallpapers create a very cohesive look. While some home owners choose to tackle painting projects themselves, others have found that the services of a painting contractor can really take the hassle out of the job as well as increase the speed at which it gets done. It is very easy to find good contractors that specialize in house painting New Canaan, CT.

When choosing the colors that you are going to paint with, be patient. Take your time to ensure that these are the colors that you are going to be able to live with for a while. Collect paint strips of your initial colors but also consider the complementary colors that live across from each other on the paint wheel. If changing interior colors hold off on your final decision until all the other decisions of the room is finalized. There are many more choices in paint than there are in wallpaper or fabrics. Take your wallpaper, carpet, flooring and trim samples with you to pick out your paint.

Ask your painting contractor to give you a large sample of the color prior to starting the paint job. Painting a large board will give you a much better feel of what the color will really look like once it is on your walls. Consider the color of your moldings, shutters, doors and other trim. A contractor that specializes in house painting New Canaan CT, will be able to give you suggestions on what will look best on the completed job. Just remember while the right color can be wonderful, the wrong color can be hard to digest. The good part is, if you do not like it, paint is easy to change.




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