Reasons Why Cupolas Are Gaining in Popularity with Homeowners

by | Dec 16, 2019 | Home Improvement

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Are you searching for something to give a bit of flair to your home’s exterior? If so, think about a cupola. Just imagine what a cupola would look like on your traditional roof. Look at three reasons why cupolas are gaining in popularity with homeowners.

A Unique Addition

A chimney is what most people expect to see when they look up on a roof. So, putting a cupola on your roof is sure to attract attention. It’s a unique feature not many homes possess. It can make your home a standout in the neighborhood.

Highlight the Appearance of Your Roof Shingles

An attractive cupola can highlight the look of your roof whether you have shingles made of wood, tile, metal or another material. If you have dark shingles on your roof, getting a bright white cupola for sale can certainly add dramatic flair to your home.

Air Circulation

A cupola has vents on its sides to allow air to flow into your attic. It can also supply light to your attic making it an inviting place to put a bedroom, office or playroom. This simple addition can completely change how you see your home’s attic.

Finally, these are just three reasons why cupolas are so popular with homeowners. Think about what this unique item could do for the appearance of your beloved home.

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