Redesign Your Bathroom

by | Nov 9, 2011 | Home Decorating

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Redesign Your Bathroom

Redesign Your Bathroom

The bathroom is one of the most neglected places of your house. However, with a contemporary themed home décor you can come up with many wonderful decorating ideas that will completely change the look of your shabby and cramped bathroom. Some of these ideas are:

  • Paint your bathroom walls in a way that would help enhance your mood. If you are a newly wedded couple, you can opt for bright colors. You can even select olive green or other shades of green and yellow, as they have a soothing effect. Painting your bathroom walls will also give them a fresh look and help you get rid of the depression that you feel each time you walk into it.
  • In order to make it more spacious, you can add a vanity cabinet in your bathroom. In this cabinet, you can keep all the small items that are required in the bathroom, but make it look untidy. You can either fix your vanity cabinet into the wall or mount it.
  • Add a vanity sink that matches your decorating ideas and give your bathroom a totally new look. There are several types of such sinks available in the marketplace that help in saving your bathroom space.
  • A bathroom cabinet is also a good place to store your daily-wears. You need to first select the things that you want to keep in the cabinet, and then find one that suits your storage need.
  • Bathroom plumbing fixtures can also add beauty to your shabby looking bathroom. You can opt for an inbuilt bathroom plumbing fixture or a huge bathroom fixture covering the wall and make you bathroom look newly built.
  • Your decorating ideas should include proper lighting style that can change the look of your bathroom. Place the light fixtures in strategic positions and use different shades of bathroom lights, in order to set the intended mood.
  • Always keep your decorating ideas in mind, while shopping for bathroom fixtures. It is not necessary that any expensive décor item will suit your bathroom. Look for fixtures that suit the color of your bathroom walls and other furnishings.
  • Prepare a redesigning plan along with your spouse, so that it reflects the tastes of both of you. Moreover, making a decorating plan together will also help you avoid unwanted clashes that often occur while re-modeling dual bathrooms.
  • Consider your budget while shopping for your bathroom décor. You can often find good quality bathroom fixtures at a cheap rate from local market and even from online stores.

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