Renovating a Staircase Requires a Wood Stair Railing in Newport Beach

by | Nov 13, 2013 | Furniture

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When it is time to renovate your home or business and you are in need of a replacement Wood Stair Railing in Newport Beach, you want to hire the best. That means a company that is licensed and who has a good reputation as well as quite a bit of experience in this type of construction.

For a Wood Stair Railing in Newport Beach contact Williams Woodworks, Inc. or visit them online at for more specific information. They pride themselves on their honesty and integrity, as well as their experience and craftsmanship. They will work with you in order to design and build the most beautiful and sturdy staircase and wooden railings. This company does the complete job from framing to finish of the staircase, and of course, the final touch of a beautiful wood stair railing that compliments the stairs.

When deciding what kind of stairway to install, you will have to choose from between an open staircase and a closed staircase, and whether you want post to post or over the post stairs. There are a multitude of banister and railing choices as well. The professionals at the woodworking firm will consult with you to determine what best fits in the available space, what fits within your budget, as well as help you to choose the best type and color of wood to use in your space.

Staircases can be made completely of wood or a combination of wood and metal. They can be straight or curved, left in the natural wood-tone or painted, and tailored to meet your design ideas. For the highest quality Wood Stair Railing in Newport Beach, crafted by the most experienced carpenters, call Williams Woodworks Inc. While you are having your custom built wooden staircase built, ask about updating your mouldings, doors and mantels as well.

Whether you need an entire staircase built or renovated, or just the wooden railing redone, be sure to hire only a qualified and licensed business that can offer the most experienced craftsmanship. If you are considering having a new Wood Stair Railing in Newport Beach installed in your home or business, call Williams Woodworks, Inc.

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