Roofs and Weather Damage

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Every structure from a doll house to a high-rise office building needs a roof. For a full roof replacement or just a minor repair, you will want to hire the best Roofer Oklahoma City you can find. For one thing, the company should be properly licensed and bonded. Note that the particular requirements vary from one state to another. Request the business license numbers and pertinent information on the bonding company, then check to be sure that the roofer compiles with all applicable regulations. You should also make sure that the insurance coverage is up to date. Insurance coverage should consist of at least general liability and worker’s compensation. Also note that very low bids may indicate incomplete insurance coverage.

The weather of an area typically determines the roofing needs. As part of the Great Plains, Oklahoma is subject to severe weather. Tornado Alley runs through the state so that an average of 54 tornadoes hit the state each year. This is seen as one of the highest rates on the planet. Severe weather is common in spring with violent thunderstorms, damaging winds, and large hail as well as tornadoes. Roofs are designed to withstand or resist average wind loads in the area. Most wind damage starts at the edges. As the shingles loosen, the entire roof starts to peel off. Whether it is just a few shingles or an entire roof, Roofers in Oklahoma City can help with repairs.

Another roofing repair common to Oklahoma results from hail damage. After a hailstorm, you should contact your insurance company and request that an adjuster comes out to inspect the roof for damage. Also call a reputable Roofer Oklahoma City to do the same inspection. Discrepancies between the two inspections call for a re-inspection where the adjuster and the roofer investigate the damage together. These re-inspections are actually quite common. The granules on shingles block the sun’s UV rays and protect the asphalt underlayment. Hail increases granule loss which accelerates aging of the shingles. This usually voids the manufacturer’s warranties and leads to several other related problems. Your roofer should be able to provide a complete range of roofing, gutter products, windows, and siding with trim to repair the damage. Insurance companies often have a time span for which a hail claim is viable. This is why it is a good idea to have your repairs done in a timely manner.



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