Make your Drawing Room Ceiling Sparkle!

by | Jul 9, 2012 | Lighting

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A chandelier is a branched decorative ceiling-mounted light fixture with two or more arms bearing lights. Chandeliers are mostly ornate and consist of dozens of lamps and glass prisms. Light is refracted from these prisms and illuminates the rooms and large dining and conference halls in a unique way.

Chandeliers have been used long time ago. The first chandeliers were used in the medieval times and at that time they were more decorative than functional. In fact most of them were not practical at all. From the 15th century onwards, more delicate and functional chandelier designs began to become popular. They were mostly found in palaces and homes of noble class. Over the decades, chandeliers also became popular among the growing merchant class and business owners. Owing to their delicate and decorative looks, chandeliers are thought of as a symbol of luxury, status and wealth. The world’s largest chandelier approved by Guinness world Record is in the Hassan Sharbatley Mosque, Cairo, Egypt.

Nowadays, chandeliers are being used more frequently. They are found in hallway, drawing, dining and great rooms of homes and also in conference rooms of offices. Expensive and magnificent chandeliers and pendant lights are extensively being used in the hotels and cinema foyer. Because of this popularity of chandeliers and pendant lighting, there is stiff competition in the market among chandelier manufacturers.

While other brands are trying to compete in the quality and price of lighting products, Kichler Lighting offers excellent indoor and outdoor decorative light fixtures. They produce chandeliers with a wide variety of styles and sizes so as to meet the requirements of the customers. Some of the popular sizes and styles available with Kichler Lighting chandeliers are:

* Tiffany style chandeliers

* Crystal chandeliers

* Black chandeliers

* Contemporary chandeliers

Tiffany style chandeliers are characterized by colorful pieces of glass. These pieces of glass are arranged in a special organic or geometric pattern and enclosed in onyx-colored beading. The lamp-base devises feature rich, deep bronze finishes. Kichler Lighting chandeliers deliver a combination of Old World craftsmanship and a vibrant contemporary look. Handsome finishes along with strong base lines give your home an elegant touch with a modern expression.

Crystal chandeliers are those made of glass and have chrome finishes. They are available in different sizes and patterns and they enhance the performance of your home with the perfect lighting. They are best suited for foyer lighting. Foyer lighting illuminates the first impression of your home. You want your friends and family to receive a warm welcome from you as they walk through your front door. Crystal chandeliers do this job for you.

Black chandeliers create a great impression with black finishing and a variety of sizes. Kichler Lighting offers chandeliers with different number of lighting bulbs to match your requirements of size and amount of light. Black painted and distressed black finishes are available and they make your bedrooms and doorway look wonderful and vibrant.

Contemporary or modern chandeliers are characterized by complete absence of any cluttering lines, and single tone finishes without texture. They demonstrate a rare balance of attributes which makes them a popular choice for today’s homeowners.

With a small amount of money and wise selection of Kichler Lighting Chandeliers, you can completely transform the looks and environment of your home and your rooms.

If you are looking for excellent variety of Kichler Lighting Chandeliers for your home or office, look no further than where you can find top of the line items at affordable prices.

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