Saving Money on Air Conditioning in Newberg

by | Sep 5, 2013 | Uncategorized

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The newest air conditioning systems run quietly and are energy efficient. They allow you to set the temperature to the precise setting that you want, and they can even include humidity control. Having a lower humidity level in the home will make the air temperature feel cooler. The comfort along with these conveniences alone may be worth the price, but the additional energy efficiency you’ll gain could very well provide a major offset in the price of your investment, making it even more worth it.

A new system can also increase the value of your home, and may be something you’d get back if you were to sell the house. Another great thing is about getting a new system is the peace of mind when you have a solid manufacturer warranty in place. There may also be tax advantages in the form of federal and state rebates and tax credits. Your installer may also run their own promotions from time to time. Even if you can’t afford to replace your air conditioning system at this time, you can still help your existing system to run as efficiently as it can by having the company that services your Air conditioning in Newberg schedule a tune-up each year.

The easiest preventive maintenance item is the filter and keeping the filter cleaned or changed out. A heating and cooling technician can show you where the filter is located and how easy it actually is to remove it to either clean it if it’s a washable one or replace it if it isn’t washable. The filter should be cleaned or exchanged every few months. If you live in a dusty area or if you have a lot of pets in the home that shed, it wouldn’t be unreasonable to clean or replace the filter every month. Visit website for more information.

You can buy replacement filters from your air conditioner repair service, a local hardware store, or a home supplies store. By following up with preventive Air Conditioning Maintenance, home owners can make sure that the system they’ve invested so much of their hard-earned money on lasts for a good 15 years or even longer.

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