Signs That You Need Roof Repair

by | Oct 11, 2017 | Roofing

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The roof could be the most important component of your house, second only to the foundation. The roof is what keeps your home warm in the winter, keeps the rain off your head, and protects you from the snow and the elements. Allowing your roof to fall into disrepair can be disastrous, and if a faulty roof goes on too long, it might need to be entirely replaced. Unfortunately, many of us are not equipped to determine when a roof is having trouble. Here are a few things to look for to see if your roof needs repair.

Shingles Curling or Buckling
If you can see that the shingles on your roof are warped in any way, that’s a bad sign for the roof. You might just need to have the shingles replaced, or there could be further damage.

Missing Shingles
Look for strips of missing shingles on your roof. If you have any, the whole region needs to be replaced. Simply adding shingles in won’t be structurally sound, and your roof is not treated to deal with the elements without the shingles.

Gutters Have Shingle Fragments
Check in your gutters and around where they drain. If there is a large amount or a buildup of fragments from your shingles, there is probably some damage that needs to be repaired on your roof.

Daylight in the Attic
If you’re in your attic, and you can see strips of sunlight through your roof, even if it seems sheltered, that is a breach that can get worse, allowing rainwater and other elements into your home.

Valley Damage
The eaves of your house form valleys, and water and snow can pool in these valleys, so be sure to check any hard to see areas for potential damage.

Damaged Flashings
Flashings direct the flow of water on your roof, and are located near chimneys, skylights, and any other breaks in your roof. If they are damaged, they need to be replaced before there is further damage to the other parts of the roof.

Generally, roofs last about twenty to twenty-five years. Some might last longer, but if you do have an older roof, you should at least schedule inspections to see if you do need repair. HW Contracting is a trustworthy option for roof repair in St. Augustine, so call them for an inspection, and let them advise you on the best path forward.

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