Simplify Curtain Maintenance with Snaps!

by | Jun 11, 2014 | Windows Treatment

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Do you feel like the maintenance of your hospital curtains is a constant battle, for which you’re lugging around ladders and tools just to switch out a panel? Cube Care is pleased to introduce the “It’s a Snap!” system, offering classic, continuous mesh or panel mesh curtains. Simplify your life with snap curtains in a range of styles and colors.

We understand that health care facilities often need to improvise, and require features that work with that need. In addition to being durable, flexible and easy to clean, snap curtains reduce the demand for yet more equipment. In addition, they are available in our usual range of attractive patterns. The textiles themselves are always up to the challenges of your daily routine.

The classic “It’s a Snap!” curtains are meant to fit on one track length, and keep it simple with only one piece of mesh for the top and one piece of fabric for privacy. All you have to do is snap the two together and go about your business. Better yet, you can switch out the fabrics for washing, or even when you just want something new for the room.

Continuous mesh snap curtains include one piece of seamless mesh, just as the classic option does. The fabric, however, is in separate, 66 inch wide panels, all attachable to the mesh. These panels will overlap each other by five inches, and can be as long or short as you prefer. If you feel like you’re always having to find different sizes for a particular situation, reduce the number of curtains you need by using this mesh and panel system.

Panel mesh “It’s a Snap!” takes it a step further with panels of mesh and fabric. This system is very handy in that the size of your curtain track makes absolutely no difference. Mix and match your mesh and textiles to work in any room of any size, and stop coping with huge curtains in the laundry and storage. If you need to be able to transfer curtains between very big and very small rooms, this is the solution for you.

Going beyond their convenience, the “It’s a Snap!” system curtains provide the same aesthetic style of our other curtains. The mesh can be white or buff-colored, and the grommets are rust-resistant. The snaps themselves may be custom colored to suit your décor.

Cube Care prides itself on giving hospitals and other facilities the tools they need to create functional, yet attractive, spaces. When you and your staff need versatile hospital snap curtains that can meet the challenges of the job while also making the work space a bit more pleasant, Cube Care has the solutions. Take some time to browse our site, and find the perfect snap curtains for you.

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