Stay Warm and Cozy with a Brand New Fireplace

by | Sep 1, 2015 | Home & Garden

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Your home can grow quite cold during the frigid winter months. It isn’t very comforting coming home to a cold house when it’s already freezing outside. You can make sure your home stays warm when you purchase a brand new fireplace direct vent in Chicago. Before you know it your home will be toasty and warm. The fireplace itself will encourage your family to gather around the heating element to warm up even quicker after coming inside from the cold. Of course there are many reasons why a fireplace is a good investment, but saving money and reducing energy costs is at the top of the list.

Direct Vent Fireplaces Are Cost Efficient

You don’t want to lose heat right up your chimney. Traditional fireplaces that run on gas rely on indoor air for combustion. The air from inside your home is used to burn the propane or natural gas and sends fumes up into the flue. Since warm air rises, the hot gases rise through the flue and into the outdoors. This makes for inefficient heating that ends up costing you more when it comes time to pay your energy bills. A direct vent fire place is better than a traditional gas fireplace in terms of versatility, safety, and efficiency. This type of fireplace uses the air from the outdoors for combustion. The air is pulled through a dual vent pipe and the inner chamber of this type of pipe exhausts fumes. A convention loop is created through the natural flow of heat. No flue is needed with a direct vent fireplace since the pipes can be installed through a wall.

Choose the Direct Vent Fireplace That Suits Your Home

Whether you want a fireplace for the indoors or outdoors there are furniture show rooms that have a great variety in which to choose. Top of the line fireplaces such as Regency are available and can outfit your back deck, patio, or living room and make it look classy. When purchasing a new fireplace make sure the company you buy it from also offers installation services. It pays to let the experts install a new fireplace so it is done right the first time. Even if you have an existing fireplace there are models available that can easily fit any opening. Change the look and feel of an older fireplace and update it to be more energy efficient with a new insert, or new direct vent fireplace.

Northwest Metalcraft has many name brands in which to choose when it comes to finding a fireplace direct vent in Chicago. View their extensive website to find the fireplace that fits your home perfectly.

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