Steps For Installing Metal Roofing In Appleton

by | Jan 18, 2018 | Roofing

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In Wisconsin, contractors start a metal roof installation by obtaining the proper measurements. The dimensions of the roof are needed when ordering the right panels for the project. The most common questions that suppliers ask roofing professionals pertain to the color of the roofing, the dimensions, and the profile type. A local roofing contractor can explain the steps for installing Metal Roofing in Appleton.

Preparation Services for the New Roof

All existing roofing and any rotten wood planking are removed from the roof. Once the old roofing is eliminated, the roofing contractor installs the underlayment and weatherproofing. The materials used for weatherproofing prevent water and snow from reaching the sub-roofing.

Installing the Flashing, Trim, and Edging

Next, the contractor starts at the eaves and installs the flashing. The initial trim consists of proper insulation for the roofing. The contractor begins the installation at about one-quarter inch away from the eave. Screws are used to secure it at each twelve-inch lengths. The contractor follows all manufacturer instructions for the installations and repeats this step until all three installations are completed.

Install the Roofing Panels and Bar Flashing

The panels are bend to create a hook shape underneath them. Next, the contractor secures the top portion of the panels with screws. Brackets and metal clips are used to secure the panels to the roof completely. The process is repeated for each end of the panels and continues until all metal panels are installed.

Next, the bar flashing is installed. The flashing is cut to meet the width of each panel to achieve a proper fit. The flashing is cut to fit on each panel and connected with caulking. A ridge cap is cut at two inches and installed at the end of each panel.

In Wisconsin, property owners must contend with snow and ice during the winter. The precipitation can lead to pressure on roofing and cause compromised areas that lead to property damage. A metal roof could provide a better solution for the conditions and protect the property more proactively. Property owners who want to install Metal Roofing in Appleton can contact a contractor and schedule an appointment right now.

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