Street Signs: Perfect for Neighborhoods and Gifts

by | Jun 19, 2014 | Home Improvement

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When you want to give your neighborhood character, get together and buy street signs that match your area. This includes picking out every aspect of the sign from the poles, to the actual signs, and even the trim. Depending on how much a collective group wants to spend, you could even add accessories such as decorative finials. If you are going to go to the expense of ordering new street signs, you need to make sure they are of high quality and provided by a company that understands what it means to deliver quality products.

Make Your Neighborhood Beautiful and Safe

Some people may look at a sign and believe that it is just that, a sign. Street signs do not have to look mundane, however. They can add a beautiful flare to an area with fluted poles, ornate finials, and decorative trims. Visitors who drive through your neighborhood will not believe their eyes when they see the detail and care that has been put into your street signs. This includes signs that caution drivers to be slow due to children in the area, speed limit signs, and signs with the names of streets upon them. The poles that hold these signs up can also be beautiful, yet safe. When you are having your street signs made, consider having them put on breakaway poles. Breakaway systems that have been tested are designed to make poles break instead of remaining unyielding. A post that will not break can make an accident even worse.

Invest in Durable Street Signs

When you get ready to invest in street signs, you need to make sure that they are chip and rust resistant, and that they will not fade easily. The best way to ensure all of these aspects is to buy street signs that have polyester thermoset powder-coat finishes that have been electrostatically applied. This type of finish makes signs chemical resistant and durable. You need signs with components that are made of durable cast aluminum too. Aluminum is a dense material that stays strong even after years of abusive weather, and natural wear and tear. You can count on signs made of aluminum to last up to fifteen to twenty years. Since it is lightweight, aluminum signs are also simple to install and move. When you buy aluminum street signs you are putting your money in a positive investment that stands the test of time.

Brandon Industries Inc. is a great place to buy street signs. With many years in the business, they understand what it means to provide superior work and craftsmanship for people that need high quality custom street signs, mailboxes, and lighting.



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