Sunburn, No Thanks Not For Me

by | Aug 13, 2013 | Home and Garden

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Although a day out at the beach is hard to beat, sunburn is a souvenir of the day that you don’t want to bring home with you. This is easier said than done at times, you take along a big beach umbrella and stick it in the sand, one gust of wind comes along and over it goes. No doubt it will stand up if you bring the table as well but with all the misery, it takes the fun out of the day.

Sure there is another way but that’s even worse, a traditional canvas cover held up on poles. Sounds good but to stabilize it the poles have to be stabilized with ropes and pegs driven into the ground. You may be able to put a beach umbrella up by yourself but try a tent.

This can all be solved by the folks at Canopy Mart, your online home for pop up canopies and any other portable shelter you can possibly think of. A pop up canopy is no bigger a bundle than the beach umbrella, it can be thrown in the back of the car or even carried along with a bedroll if the destination is a campgrounds rather than the beach.

A pop up canopy is pretty simple; it’s not much more than a series of ribs which are attached to the skin which is usually lightweight but very strong polyester. It takes less than a minute to go from collapsed canopy to a fully erected canopy and when it’s up you have room for three or four people to enjoy their day, a full 36 square feet of shade for the most compact version, however they are available in larger sizes as well.

When the day is over, taking the canopy down is no more difficult or time consuming than it was to put it up, in no time its back in the car and you’re on your way; minus the sunburn.

It’s not just the beach where you want a portable shelter. Canopy Marts shelters are an excellent addition to your picnic gear and what great things to have if you’re going to spend the day watching your kids play soccer or any other outdoor sport. Pop up canopies will take you off the bleachers and put you into the shade in no time.

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