The advantages of engineered hardwood flooring

by | Aug 5, 2015 | Flooring

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It is very hard to beat real hardwood flooring, but a very good alternative is engineered wood flooring. Engineered wood is wood, it is not a composite material such as a laminate. Engineered hardwood flooring in Reno NV comprises finished wood and plywood, this combination allows for a beautiful wood floor at less cost than solid hardwood boards.

Hardwood flooring material is made from solid planks of real wood, there is no other material involved in its manufacture. Laminate flooring is made from a composite that includes wood chips but in a minimal amount. Engineered hardwood flooring has a solid wood wear layer on the top of a plywood sub-base. As 80 percent of the material is relatively inexpensive plywood, it is easy to see how the material can be priced considerably less than solid wood flooring.

Engineered hardwood flooring in Reno NV is extremely durable. The durability is a result of the way the flooring is manufactured. The ply’s that go to make up the plywood are placed perpendicular to each other, with several layers the result is a sandwich of sorts which is durable and even somewhat resistant to moisture.

From an ease of installation point of view, it is hard to beat engineered wood. There are a couple of optional methods that can be employed which include glue and nails. A system that is quite popular with the DIY crowd is a floating floor. This type of floor requires no glue or nails, it relays on a tongue and groove arrangement to lock all the elements in place.

Laminate flooring cannot be refinished, engineered hardwood flooring can. Although it can be sanded rarely can it be done more than twice as the top wear layer is usually between 1/16” and 1/8” thick. Whereas real solid hardwood flooring is ¾” thick it is easy to see how multiple sanding of engineered wood will result in the plywood showing through.

Just as solid hardwood flooring in Reno NV is available in a host of different wood types, so is engineered wood. It is available from many manufacturers pre-sanded and pre-stained and ready for installation. For those who are considering engineered hardwood flooring, they must carefully compare products from different manufacturers. It is important to purchase material with the thickest wear layer, and the wood grain, durability, price and method of installation must be taken into account. It is always best to visit the supplier as the touch and feel of the product can speak volumes.

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