The Advantages of Timber Frame Buildings in Georgia

by | May 13, 2013 | Uncategorized

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With the continued move toward environmentally friendly building supplies, Timber Frame Buildings Georgia just make good sense. There are a number of differences between these buildings and ones that use traditional building methods involving studs. Whether the builder is concerned with aesthetics, economics or durability, timber frames are a viable possibility for today’s building needs.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Due to the rough hewn look of the timbers that are used in the making of timber frame buildings Georgia, many builders choose not to cover them with finishing materials. Using exterior materials over the timbers and leaving them exposed on the inside of the building gives the interior a character and depth that is hard to replicate with other building materials.

Economically Sound

The timbers used in this type of framing are exposed to much less processing than those used in traditional framing. In fact, an individual who is handy with tools can source the timbers locally and cut them themselves. This helps to cut down on the cost significantly.

Strong and Easy to Work With

Compared to construction that uses light frames, timber frame buildings Georgia are much more resistant to natural forces. Heavy snows, earthquakes and wind lift are less likely to affect buildings that use timbers as their base. In addition, using timbers during construction means having fewer pieces to work with. Because the measurements do not have to be exact, using timbers does not have to be as precise as using traditional framing that needs to be able to accommodate sheet rock and other interior materials.

Infilling adds Tons of Options

Straw bales have become a popular option when it comes to infilling. Timber frame buildings are the ideal method of framing that can be conducive to a number of different infilling options. Since it is not necessary that the spacing between posts is identical and infilling materials such as cob or masonry can be used in almost any space, using timbers allows for a measure of creativity that is often lacking in buildings that are framed in the traditional manner.

Builders who want to give their clients a cutting edge solution that is creative, durable and aesthetically pleasing should look to using timbers during the framing process.



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