The Advantages of Vinyl Fencing From a Fence Builder in Lakeville MN

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Vinyl fencing has come a long way since it was first produced. Property owners immediately appreciated its low-maintenance features, but its appearance left something to be desired. Over the past few decades, manufacturers have greatly improved the appearance of vinyl fencing so that now it looks quite classy; it’s commonly mistaken for wood. A Fence Builder in Lakeville MN who installs both wood and vinyl fencing can provide property owners with many examples of both so these prospective customers feel entirely comfortable with their decision.

All vinyl fencing usually needs for maintenance is occasional spraying with a hose, and perhaps a touch-up with a rag or sponge and some soapy water if a little mildew or algae has started to grow. Wood fencing, in contrast, needs painting or staining to prevent it from deteriorating. Sun and rain gradually cause dead wood to decay. Vinyl is waterproof, and fencing typically includes ultraviolet light stabilizers that prevent harmful effects from the sun. Wood also is susceptible to insect invasions and to critters such as squirrels gnawing on the boards. Vinyl fencing has no splinters to deal with and no nails to get rusty. At the end of a long, harsh Minnesota winter, a wood fence may have taken a substantial beating. The vinyl structure installed by the Fence Builder is still standing without any ill effects.

These factors explain why vinyl has become a big hit with homeowners as well as business owners. It’s both decorative and functional, and doesn’t require much attention. Fence boards and posts are available in a variety of sizes, colors and designs, so property owners have no trouble finding something to suit them. A Fence Builder in Lakeville MN can install a vinyl fence to surround a backyard, to provide decorative touches in front and to create privacy from near neighbors. In addition, a porch, deck or stairway might benefit from vinyl railings that the builder can install as well. An organization such as Dakota Unlimited is happy to tackle a small project or a very large one, or a group of projects all around the property.

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