The Basics Of Lawn Care Everyone Should Understand

by | Jun 8, 2021 | Landscaping

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You may not realize it, but there is more to mowing a lawn than just cutting the grass. There are many aspects involved that can transform your property and keep it in good condition verses making the job more expensive and difficult. This is true especially if you are using a Lawn Care Service In Fayetteville, GA. As a client you need to know important characteristics such as the appropriate length grass should be trimmed, how the job is performed, whether you need to be present, and much more.

Understand Standard Grass Heights

When grass has grown to the length of 2 ½ inches it is time to have it cut. While the actual length of grass that should be cut may differ per preferences, typically one third of a grass blade should be cut to make the service worthwhile. All of this depends on how you want your yard to look and whether you are hosting an outdoor party or event that may require your grass to be trimmed shorter. Grass that is already overgrown is an issue that some people may not consider a problem. But overgrown grass is hard to cut and can over-tax mowers and other lawn equipment. In order to get it back to a reasonable level of maintenance, the charges may be increased. Grass that has reached the height of 6 inches or is majorly covering pavement is considered to be overgrown. As a homeowner, you should communicate the condition of your yard in order to get superior service with adequate and affordable pricing.

To Rake Or Not To Rake

After grass has been cut then it is important to consider whether you want the clippings raked or not. This is all going to depend on the thickness of the grass. When grass is not too thick the clippings are good for your yard, and not having them raked can save you money. On the other hand, if you have thick grass it is better to rake the clippings so your yard gets proper aeration. The solution is to have your property mowed on a regular basis and to have grassed raked if it is too thick. You can easily discuss this with your lawn care provider to find out which is best for your residence.

Do Clients Have To Be Present During Grass Cuttings?

Repeat clients do not have to be present during current lawn maintenance that has been scheduled regularly. However, if it is the first time you have had your grass cut by a professional lawn mowing service, it is important that you are home to show them your yard and communicate what you expect to be done per the plan you purchased. This is especially true for clients that order additional services.

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