The Convenience Of Pop Up Canopy Tents

by | Jun 23, 2015 | Home & Garden

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If you are planning to hold an event in your back yard or only want something to decorate it, you may be thinking of purchasing a canopy tent. Alternatively, you may be considering a trade fair and need a booth in which to display your wares or services. Such shelters come in a variety of types and styles, so it pays to make sure you get what you want and need. Some of the more famous and even sought out types of structures are called pop up canopy tents.

What Are Pop Up Canopy Tents?

Pop up canopy tents come by their name honestly. They are designed in an accordion shape to ensure they “pop up.” They are portable and come in a variety of sizes and lengths. The larger models are commonly referred to as marquees.

The structure of a pop-up canopy consists of two pieces. These are the top/roof and the frame. The frame is usually made of some metal with steel, stainless steel, and aluminum being the most common. Steel is more durable and heavier; Aluminum is lighter and easier to carry and work with; Stainless steel combines the best of both types of metal.

The tops used in pop up canopy tents is fabric. It may be canvas, but usually modern canopies use polyester due to its suitability. You may also purchase material to provide walls. This is true with other types but often pop up canopy tents do not require or have walls.

Why Are Pop Up Canopy Tents Convenient?

People prefer pop up canopy tents for one primary reason. They are convenient. How are they convenient? The answer is a simple one. They can be put up and taken down without difficulty. You do not have to have special equipment and tools or be an expert to set one up quickly. This makes them ideal for the average event including weddings and birthday and anniversary parties.

All that anyone needs to do is push and pull a bit in unison with at least one another person to get the tent up and ready for accessorizing. The top pops on and pops off resulting in it being prepared to be packed away. This is ideal when you just want to pack up and leave. You just place it back in its storage bag, and you can even take it with you if this is what you brought to the event.

Pop Up Canopy Tents: Make Sure they Are Genuine

These characteristics make it easy for anyone to recognize an actual pop-up canopy tent. Pop up canopy tents that require specialized equipment or have elaborate instructions are not pop up canopy tents. If you understand this, you will not be fooled or disappointed. Your will also not be frustrated when it comes time to set up and take down what the salesperson claimed was a classic example of the pop up canopy tents.

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