The Importance of Chimney Cleaning in Sacramento CA

by | Mar 31, 2023 | Home Improvement

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Those of you whose homes and or businesses have chimneys, are you properly maintaining your chimney? Do you understand the dangers associated with a chimney not well-maintained, such as carbon monoxide poisoning or chimney fires? Chimney Guys USA, who does Chimney Cleaning in Sacramento CA, offers one-stop service to commercial, residential and state government agencies.

A fire safety officer commented that chimney fires are one of the most common incidents responded to concerning fire calls on homes. The consequences of a chimney fire is more than just the fire damage; it is the dirt and odor coming from the soot and smoke which can damage your personal property. 73% of all the fires responded to by fire prevention officers are started by improperly maintained heating equipment. Most of the fires that are started due to chimneys are the result of a substance called creosote, which is the residue left from unburned wood energy. Contrary to popular opinion, you cannot avoid creosote by burning only hardwoods. Wood like pine, cedar or fir burns just the same as hardwoods. It is not whether the wood is a hardwood or a softwood, but rather, the moisture content in the wood, and your burning practices. The darker the smoke emanating from your chimney, the more creosote it will leave behind. Therefore, to avoid the buildup of creosote, make a practice of drying your wood to 20%.

Regular maintenance of your chimney will help you to avoid the potential combustion caused by creosote. Chimney Guys USA offers a comprehensive servicing of your chimney, air duct, masonry, brickwork and home improvements. They provide the service in entire California. They will take care of your regular need for Chimney Cleaning in Sacramento CA. Chimney Guys USA is equipped to clean from the smallest chimney to the large commercial chimneys and is fully licensed, insured and bonded. They also will do routine maintenance, emergency services, design and installations. For your Chimney Cleaning in Sacramento CA, contact Chimney Guys USA.

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