The Importance of Treating and Testing Your Septic System

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When you own your own septic system, you do not rely upon the local municipality and water services for maintenance, delivery and service. Instead, as a homeowner you are responsible for your own septic services in Bonney Lake, WA. To keep your wastewater issues from becoming problems as well as your costs down, it’s important to proactively treat and test your system on a regular schedule. Not doing so can result not only in breakdowns, overflows and other problems, but in higher bills for possible repairs as well as for non-routine tests as well.

In a perfect universe the wastewater that leaves your house would all flow smoothly to your tank, where the sludge would separate from the scum perfectly, leaving the gray water clear and ready to be drained into your leach field. But the universe is not perfect and wastewater will tend to flow a little more imperfectly than that. Over time, you will get build up in your pipe system leading to your tank, which can produce future prblems when pipes become occluded or blocked. Clogged pipes result in overflowing toilets and sinks, dishwashers and washing machines, which can do extensive damage to your property and completely crash your entire system.

One of the almost essential septic services in Bonney Lake, WA that you can employ to mitigate against the foregoing scenario is to use bacteria to break down sludge in your pipes. A bacterial treatment should be used on a routine schedule to keep pipes as clear as possible. It is also important to find out what kinds of cleaning agents can kill the bacteria you use, and make sure they do not find themselves combined with your wastewater. It’s best not to put caustic agents in your wastewater that can damage your pipes over time anyway.

Depending on various factors, you will need to have your septic tank pumped once every two to five years. Many septic services in Bonney Lake, WA recommend an inspection of your system on an annual basis as well. An inspection will help you to discover hidden problems while they are small, and before they turn into bigger, much more expensive tragedies. It’s not very feasible for most residential homeowners to test their systems themselves. It’s necessary for most of us to call a company offering septic services in Bonney Lake, WA in order to conduct full professional testing. Hiring professionals to test your system pays for itself in that it is cheaper than fixing a crashed septic system. And without inspections, your system will eventually crash – the probability is inevitable.


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