The many uses of a clip-on fan

by | Nov 22, 2016 | Heating and Cooling

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If you want to save money on cooling costs without becoming uncomfortably warm, a clip-on fan can be the ideal solution. There are many uses for these, including:

  *     In the gym: On the treadmill or doing a spinning  class? A fan can help you stay cool throughout your workout session.
*     Running/Walking: While sweating is a good thing, it can get in the way of your walking/running routine. A fan will help keep sweat to a minimum so you can go the distance.
*     At home: A personal fan can keep you cool if there’s a power outage or when you want to enjoy time on your deck or balcony. Fans are not just for summer; in the winter, when the furnace is turned up a little too high for your liking, simply clip your fan and you’re good to go!
*     At work: Typically, you can’t control the temperature in your cubicle or office. A fan can keep you comfortable so you can get more work done.
*     Camping: Use a fan in your tent or when you’re outdoors on a hot summer day so your camping trip will become more enjoyable.
*     Gardening/yard work: Even if you love gardening and yard work, it can get hot in the afternoon sun.
*     In your home office: If you’re the only one home during the day, running your AC is a waste of energy and can add to your utility bill. A fan will keep you cool and comfortable.
A clip-on fan can be used virtually anytime and you can be assured that it will keep you cool no matter the situation.

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