The Most Common Kinds of Gutter Guards Louisville KY Homes are Equipped With

by | Jun 12, 2019 | Roofing

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Homeowners throughout the country do well to look after the condition of their homes’ gutters. Gutters are used to direct water flowing down from slanted, waterproof roofs, channeling it away from home foundations where it would otherwise accumulate. Water that ends up soaking into the ground near a house’s foundation will cause the dirt and clay there to swell, an issue that can result in foundation damage over time. Ensuring that gutters remain free of blockages and leaks is therefore an important responsibility for homeowners everywhere in the United States.

Some homeowners have it harder than others, though. In places like Kentucky where snow and ice are common, homeowners face unique challenges that can call for special solutions. Snow and ice can clog gutters just as easily as falling leaves and other organic debris can, a problem that many Kentucky homeowners regularly experience. In places like Kentucky where these hazards are common, it therefore often makes sense to employ special precautions against them.

The Gutter Guards Louisville KY homes are often equipped with are some of the best solutions of this kind. Gutter guards come in a variety of basic types and styles, with all being designed to keep snow and ice from actually filling up gutters. By doing so, they ensure that gutters remain clear enough that water dripping into them can flow freely away, protecting homes in the process.

As can be seen at website domain, gutter guards come in a variety of forms, each of which can be useful for particular homes and applications. The most common kind of gutter guards in Louisville KY homeowners employ simply snap on to gutters of standard dimensions, with perforated horizontal surfaces allowing for the passing through of water.

While guards of this kind are often effective, lock-on gutters may offer more security under harsh weather and other challenging conditions. A little more difficult to install, these guards make up for it by maintaining a firmer grip on the gutters they are mounted on, making it almost impossible for them to become dislodged accidentally.

What all of these gutters offer is protection from a problem that, while common in the area, can also be extremely damaging. While not every homeowner will opt to have gutter guards installed, those who do will enjoy more in the way of stress-free home maintenance, particularly throughout the winter months.

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