The Unique Role of the Fireplace Burner

by | Oct 23, 2012 | Cleaning

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The purpose of today’s fireplace burner is to effectively replace any other efforts to enhance the glow of your fire. Whereas previous kinds of fireplace helpers have done their part to make the glow brighter, the burner truly has been a game changer – in a very good way. See why.

It Replaces Firewood
Today’s fireplace burner effectively replaces the need for firewood altogether. Just imagine how much time you could save by not having to either cut your own firewood or by not needing to run to the store or corner market every time you run low on wood. By avoiding purchasing firewood, you additionally can add more cash to your wallet by not shelling it out to purchase wood. By avoiding the need for firewood, you get a cleaner burn too.

It Saves on Energy
The energy it takes to light a fire using traditional firewood is significantly more than the energy used to light it up with a fireplace burner. The intended function of a burner is to replace the need for firewood, and so far so good. It has proved beyond what is necessary that to get a great flame, you must invest in a quality stainless steel burner. It burns more in less time, saving energy for you and on the gas or work needed to light it.

It Controls the Flame
With a burner for your fireplace, you have 100 percent control over the fire. It used to be that you would have to add firewood based on a whim or your own past experiences with it. But with a burner in your fireplace or pit, you turn a knob to control just how powerful the flame is. It is akin to having a gas fireplace but without actually having to pay for the gas. Even in gas applications, it reduces the need for the amount of gas that you will need to use to keep the flame alive.

It Turns Off Easily
Using a burner is almost like having a light switch where you can turn the flame on and off however and whenever you desire. Once the get-together or night is over and you are ready to go to bed, you simply turn the knob or switch and the fire is out. You no longer need to wait for the flames to be entirely out before you can finally rest for the night.

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