Things To Consider Before Purchasing Hardwood Flooring In Hinsdale

by | Nov 29, 2016 | Flooring

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Most people, when searching for new floors, already have something in mind. If you’ve decided that nothing else will work in your Hinsdale home except hardwood flooring, you’ve chosen a timeless and beautiful option. However, before you rush out to the store to buy it, there are a few things to consider.


There are many species of hardwood flooring available in Hinsdale, and each has unique characteristics. For example, the color will be determined by the type, as well as from where the wood was cut from the tree. Likewise, grain patterns are determined by how the wood was cut. You’ll also find that natural variations will be found in the grain and color, which works to create unique beauty.

Pre-Finishing Or Finishing In Place

There are two finishing options for these floors, including finishing-in-place and pre-finishing. With pre-finished floors, they’re already screened, stained and sanded at the plant. Urethane coats are sprayed onto the boards and then UV dried to create the finish, which can’t be done in the home. Finish-in-place options mean that the wood is brought to your home in an unfinished state and then installed, sanded, stained and finished in the home, which can be very messy. However, it also offers a uniqueness and the ability to customize that you may not find with pre-finished options.

Weather Effects

Wood naturally expands and contracts depending on the temperatures and moisture, which can lead to minor variations in width and height, as well as tiny cracks. Those living in wet climates may want to ensure their home is insulated and keep the temperature inside regulated. Likewise, a humidifier may be necessary to minimize the weather effects.

Hardwood flooring in Hinsdale is an excellent choice for your home. Visit Best Buy Carpet and Granite now to learn more and start searching for the perfect option.

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