Tips on Keeping an Air Conditioner in Endicott, NY in Good Working Order

by | Dec 18, 2018 | Air Conditioning

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When a home’s Air Conditioner in Endicott, NY is not working, it can be a very uncomfortable experience for most everyone in the home. This is especially true if the unit goes out in the middle of summer when temperatures are at their highest. This type of situation can often lead to emergency service calls, which can be quite expensive. To avoid this type of incident from occurring, it is important that a homeowner make sure that their unit is regularly serviced and maintained, either by a professional repair person or by handling the job on their own.

Most times an Air Conditioner in Endicott, NY will work well with very little maintenance. However, over time the unit will gradually start to falter, if it is not regularly checked and cleaned. This can lead to elements breaking down and other issues that can result in the unit not working and needing costly repairs. To avoid this, it is a good idea for a homeowner or a professional repair person to spend time at least once a year before the summer season starts, cleaning and inspecting the system.

Generally, an air conditioner is made up of two different units. One unit is generally kept inside the home in an attic or utility closet. The other unit is often found outside of the home on a concrete slab. Both of these units tend to get very dirty during the course of a year. Dirt can often get inside the system and cause parts to breakdown. It can also cause the unit to run much harder which puts unnecessary strain on the components in the system, which can cause them to stop working as well. To help in avoiding this, one of the most important things that a homeowner can do is to clean their system.

The unit inside can generally be vacuumed inside and out with a normal household vacuum cleaner. It can be helpful to use a long nozzle attachment on the vacuum cleaner to get into the cracks and crevices on the unit. The vents and grilles should also be cleaned using a stiff brush. The unit outside will also need cleaning. A vacuum cleaner can be used on the coils, while a soft brush works best when cleaning the fins of the system. For more information about these services click here. You can also visit them on Facebook.

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