Tips on Pre Season Maintenance on an Air Conditioner Daytona Beach FL

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Each year before the summer season begins, it is a good idea to perform routine maintenance on a home’s Air Conditioner Daytona Beach FL. In doing this one can be sure that the unit is in good repair and ready for use during the hot weather that will soon be approaching.

Many homeowners, who prefer to handle this type of work on their own, may find that the early spring months can be a good time for them to schedule a time when they can work on their unit. This allows them plenty of time to handle the maintenance work and should the unit require any repairs by a professional AC repair company, it can be easier to do so at this time of the year, when they are not quite so busy.

Cleaning the AC unit is generally one of the main tasks that a homeowner will want to handle on their unit. Most units get very dirty during operation and this can be damaging to the unit because it causes the unit to work much harder than it should. This can affect how long the unit will last and it can cause a homeowner to experience higher energy bills as the unit works harder to cool the home. Cleaning the unit can help in eliminating these issues.

Most AC systems are comprised of two separate units. One is the blower unit, which is generally housed indoors, and the second is the compressor, which is often found outside of the home on a concrete slab. Both of these units can get extremely dirty and so cleaning them is necessary. The inside unit can be cleaned using a vacuum cleaner on the inside and outside of the unit. A stiff brush may also be needed to remove dirt from the vents on the unit as well. The air filter on the blower should also be checked and replaced if necessary.

The compressor has both coils and fins that will need to be cleaned. The coils can be cleaned using a garden hose with a high-pressure nozzle. Fins should be cleaned with a soft brush as they are made of a thin aluminum and can bend easily. While cleaning the unit, if one notices any fins that have been bent, they should be straightened out so that they do not hinder the airflow of the unit. This can often be done with a fin comb.

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