Tips on Using Rebar in San Diego

by | May 15, 2013 | Home Improvement

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Cutting and bending rebar (steel bars used to reinforce concrete) is necessary in a variety of construction and home improvement projects. Rebar is easy to use, and has many applications in landscaping and other areas. Below are the steps required to properly bend, cut and use Rebar San Diego.

Always start with the correct safety equipment. Rebar is heavy and can be sharp, and there may be sparks during the cutting process. You should always wear goggles, long sleeves, pants, gloves and heavy boots when working with rebar.

Set aside a dedicated workspace. Rebar comes in lengths up to 40 feet; due to its extended length, tendency to be rusty, and its weight, rebar should be handled in an open, unobstructed area. The cutting of rebar often creates sparks, and care should be taken to ensure that the area is cleared of flammable items.

Measure twice, cut once. Considering length, overlap and curves can be tricky, and you may cut a few pieces too short before you master it. Rebar can be marked with a wax crayon or chalk for proper measuring.

Cut the rebar. It can easily be done with a metal-specific hacksaw blade. Alternatively, a bandsaw, grinder or reciprocating saw can be used. Rebar will roll as it’s being cut, so it may be necessary to hold or step on the bar when cutting. Warning: Cut rebar is sharp and hot.

Bend the rebar. Now that you’ve cut your rebar to the correct length, it’s time for bending. Place one end on the ground, inside a metal pipe about six inches away from where the bend should be. Place one foot about 12″ from where you want the bend and press firmly while raising the bar off the ground. Keep the pressure on until the bend is as it should be. If you doubt your ability to hand-bend Rebar San Diego, a manual bender can be rented or bought at a local hardware or home improvement store.

Rebar is a very useful material and it can give shape and strength to your concrete construction project. Before using rebar, ensure that you follow safety procedures and know how to work with the material.

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