Top Things you Need to Know About Air Conditioning in Portland

by | Jan 15, 2014 | Air Conditioning

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Most homes in warmer climates have air conditioning, and if you don’t, you really need to get Get Air Conditioning In Portland. The temperatures are getting hotter every summer, and not having an air conditioner is a health hazard for the very young and the elderly when a heat wave settles in. Below, you will find some things you need to know before you get Air Conditioning In Portland.

The days when air conditioning was a luxury are over in many states, and still somewhat of a luxury in others. Air conditioners are used to take the heat out of your home and bring cool air into it, causing the temperature to be cool on the inside when it’s really hot on the outside. The first functional air conditioner was invented in 1908 and was said to be invented by one G.B Wilson. Before air conditioning was invented, “cooling,” was done by taking blocks of ice and moving air over them to reduce the temperature within the home.

If you are looking to have an air conditioner installed in your home before the summer begins, then you want to hire a contractor who is reputable and well-respected in the community. You do need to know you can’t just buy an air conditioner, have it installed, turn it on, and forget about it. If you want it to work right, then you need to keep it well-maintained.

You need to do is make sure you have a repair company come out on a seasonal basis to inspect and make sure everything is okay with your air conditioning unit. This will ensure it is cooling properly and there are no broken wires or other problems that could be a fire hazard. You can help with maintaining your unit as well by changing the filters once a month whether they need it or not, and keeping the outside unit free of grass, dust, and other debris.

Air conditioning is an important element in today’s ever changing climate. If you are looking to be cool this upcoming summer, an air conditioning unit is the best way to go.


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