Troubleshooting Your MD Heat Pump for Airflow Complications

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If your MD heat pump is not working as it should, there are three potential causes – leaky ducts, low airflow or refrigerant problems. Because an MD heat pump can be used for space heating without the hefty price tag, they are a very popular option for homeowners and business owners. However, if you notice that air is not being transported from one part of the home to another, there is a high chance that the airflow is obstructed. To continue using an MD heat pump as an alternative to a basic AC system, focus on the following components and maintain them as necessary.

Monitor Airflow and Operation

If airflow has been affected on your MD heat pump, there is one main reason for this – dirty filters. It is important that you clean the filters once every month or two months because if these become clogged with dirt, this may put stress on other components. Focus on replacing the filters during the winter and summer months, because at this time you will likely use the device more than usual. As well as this, it is vital that you monitor the performance of the unit. Does it appear to be less efficient than it used to be? If the answer to this question is ‘yes’ the refrigerant may need topping up or the thermostat setting may need to be adjusted.

Check the Air Handler and Breakers

When troubleshooting an MD heat pump, don’t forget to inspect the air handler and the breakers. The air handler must be receiving large amounts of power, so make sure the fan switch is set in the ‘on’ position. If the blower runs properly, you can continue to check the breakers. It is possible that you might need to reset some breakers if they have tripped previously. In the event that this does not solve the problem, you should contact a professional who can visit your home and perform an in-depth inspection.

Thermostat Settings

In most cases, an MD heat pump will fail to work because the thermostat settings are wrong. You can save a lot of time and hassle if you adjust the thermostat settings yourself. The temperature should be higher than the current room temperature for heating to be supplied, and if you want to cool down a room you should set the thermostat way below the current room temperature. If this does not do the trick, belts may need replacing or leaks may need sealing by a professional. To reduce the risks of an injury, do not open electrical panels without professional assistance.

Some common problems that may arise with your MD heat pump include broken blower motors or duct leaks. To get same day service and to arrange repairs for your heat pump, visit



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