4 Ultimate designs for home décor

by | Jul 8, 2010 | Home Decorating

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Home Decor

Home Decor

A home that is well decorated may also fall short of that extra element that brings out its true personality. It does not take a horde of decorations in your home to exude its character. If you aim at bringing soul and character to your home, the following four designs should assist you –

  • Colors – When we speak about colors, it is not necessarily subjected to just your walls. Colors can be used to create that extra radiant effect in your home. Use a variety of colors in your pillows, linen, shelves, fabrics, curtains, seat covers and much more. They are bound to display a unique sense of elegance in your rooms. Every accent should be use at last three times around a particular room to create that desired colorful ambience.
  • Collections – Adding your favorite collections of those items that are dear to you adds a personal feel to your home. Bring out those shells, sketches, ornaments or even toys and aesthetically arrange them in different sections across your home. In this way every step in different areas of your home refreshes memories. Plus, it’s too adorable!
  • Artifacts – Any unique piece of artifacts or relics paint a special picture in a room. It adds a private and soulful touch to your home. Artifacts bring in a feeling of depth and intensity to any home with their unique existence. Any sort of paintings, designs, hand-made articles can be systematically placed in a room to add vitality to it.
  • Theme – Any home that inculcates a theme is one-of-a-kind. Themes speak volumes about your personality, likes and dislikes, your moods and habits. All your work of art, crafts, collections and prized possessions can be easily showcased. A theme also helps you in specifying the requirements of a home. You thus, tend to shop according to your theme specifics.

These crucial concepts can ensure to bring a sense of heart to your home.

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