Vinyl Siding Versus Hardie Board Siding in NJ

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Choosing the type of exterior siding you want can be a tough decision. You know you want siding that is durable and will last. Secondly, you want to choose the siding that best suits your style and budget. When faced with choosing between vinyl siding and cement board siding you may want to do a comparison test. Research the benefits of each siding type and gain the knowledge you need to make an informed choice.

Vinyl siding is durable and less expensive than cement siding. It generally comes with a 25 year warranty. Vinyl siding can endure a certain amount of exposure to the elements but can be damaged from wind or hail storms. Hot temperatures and sunlight have an impact on the strength of the siding. It can become brittle and crack easily after several years of exposure. If you live in an area with hotter climates, the lifetime of your vinyl siding will be impaired. This type of siding is easier to maintain than cement siding. It is easy to clean and you don’t ever have to paint. As a matter of fact, you cannot paint vinyl siding. When you make the choice to have vinyl siding installed, make sure you are happy with the color you choose. You will be stuck with the color until you decide to install new siding on your home.

Hardie Board Siding NJ is a type of cement siding. This siding choice is more expensive than vinyl siding but it comes with a warranty of up to 50 years. This type of siding is more durable than vinyl. It is also less susceptible to damage from wind or hail. The sunlight or hotter climates do not effect it’s strength and it will not become brittle with exposure. Cement siding will need to be painted every five to ten years. This is beneficial when you decide you want to change the color of your home.

Either of these siding types will require insulation for energy efficiency. The type of siding you choose depends solely on what you can afford, the climate in which you reside and your willingness to maintain it properly.

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