Waterproofing – Immediate Support Is Best

by | Dec 26, 2018 | Home Improvement

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Water is one of the most worrisome when it comes to structural integrity, yet many people do not act on it soon enough. You may have some instances in which your property seems damp, or there is a bit of moisture build-up present. You worry what this may mean for you. Waterproofing is a service you do not want to overlook as soon as a problem becomes visible. When you work with the right commercial painters or industrial painters who specialize in this service, you get the type of results you need.

What Can Be Done to Help You?

At, EPI Painting Inc., we offer a wide range of services to minimize risks caused by water damage. Our waterproofing services are applicable for most business needs. Our goal is to prevent water from seeping into the area, which tends to lead to damage, mildew, and environmental risks. To achieve this goal, we use one of several materials including liquid-applied waterproofing, sheet-applied waterproofing, and cementitious waterproofing. In all cases, our goal is to lock out the water to minimize any risk to the structure. We apply this to areas where joints come together including metal cladding, concrete, and stone veneer. We also handle doors and windows, horizontal surfaces such as terraces and plazas, as well as flash points.

Why Turn to Our Team

As a full-service commercial painting contractor, our team understands your needs. Along with the waterproofing services we offer, we also offer interior and exterior painting, which can help us to touch up and improve surfaces damaged by water previously.

When it comes to waterproofing, the sooner you call a team for a consultation the better. Our commercial painters and industrial painters can arrive at your location to provide a full inspection and to offer a quote to get the work done for you.

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