Ways a System for Air conditioning in Portland Can Help Improve a Homes Air Quality

by | Feb 25, 2014 | Air Conditioning

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A system for Air conditioning in Portland can do much more for a home than just help in keeping the air cool and comfortable. Many people may not realize an air cooling system can also be helpful in improving the air quality in a home. This can be a great benefit to all the members of the household, but it can especially be helpful to anyone who has medical conditions or breathing issues.

Most systems for air conditioning in Portland come equipped with a standard air filter on the blower section of the system. This filter is primarily designed to help in stopping dirt and other debris from entering the system and causing issues with how the unit operates. However, some of the newer models can also use a more sophisticated type of air filter, which can help trap much smaller particles and prevent them from going through the system and into the air in the home. This type of filter can make the air much cleaner and healthier as well.

These high efficiency air filters are generally made of pleated materials, which are designed to remove small particles, such as smoke, pollen, dust, pet dander and mold. These filters are generally much thicker. Because of this increase in size, they can only be used in machines designed to accommodate the extra bulk of these filters. This type of filter can be of great benefit in homes where a person has asthma, allergies or breathing issues.

In addition, some filters are also treated with chemicals designed to kill bacteria. In homes where a person resides who may have low resistance or a diminished immune system because of illness, this can be a great benefit. By keeping the air as germ free as possible, it can help in limiting the ill person’s contact with germs, which could lead to them becoming seriously ill. Visit them online!

Since not all units can accommodate these types of filters, it is important to contact a company who repairs Air conditioning in Portland to have them check on the unit to determine if it can hold the thicker filters without causing problems to the system. In some cases, it may be necessary to purchase these specialty filters form the air conditioning company as well.

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