What Is A Standby Generator?

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A standby generator is a machine that, when running provides power to a home or business premises in the event the main power supply is interrupted for any length of time. Guardian generators in Elmhurst are often the choice of businesses that need to ensure that essential tasks are not disrupted simply because the main power supply has failed due to any one of a number of reasons including inclement weather or a breakdown in the local utility. There are a number of standby generators available today, small units can be driven from a battery pack but more often these units relay on a fuel source such as gasoline to keep them running for an extended period of time if necessary.

The ultimate function of guardian generators in Elmhurst is the same; to provide standby power but they do vary somewhat in design based on the fuel they use and the amount of power they generate, many of these machines are connected directly with the electrical system of the entire building. This type of installation is common in facilities such as hospitals, airports and shopping malls where constant power is a necessity. Sensors that are an integral component of the generator controls take a small amount of power from the main source of electricity, they use this power to run diagnostics to ensure the unit is ready to run on demand and that it is in perfect running order. The sensors also detect when the main power supply is interrupted, the machine is activated automatically and instantly or within a matter of seconds. This arrangement ensures that critical systems are unaffected by the outage. When the main power supply is restored the standby generator deactivates and shuts down, returning to monitoring mode.

An alternate to this highly sophisticated generator is one which is operated manually and is driven by a gasoline engine. These models are normally kept stored in a garage and taken out and put in service as and when needed. A cable is attached to the generator; the cable is plugged into a unique outlet which distributes power to only certain parts of the building. The power will last as long as there is fuel to run the motor.

Guardian generators in Elmhurst that are used as a standby power supply usually supply power to only essential consumers of power. A call center for example will shut down the air conditioning but maintain power to the computer work stations and necessary lighting to allow the continuity of the business.

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