What to do About a Honey Bee Swarm in Dublin OH

by | Apr 5, 2017 | Home & Garden

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There’s a buzz in the air that happens during the late spring and early summer. It’s the Honey Bee Swarm in Dublin OH. While this may sound scary, it’s actually a very beneficial event. The bees are restructuring the hive, which means that many of them will leave to form a new one. It’s the bees way of reproducing, and without a swarm, the number of bees would keep declining.

Bees that are swarming are not dangerous, although seeing a massive number of them in any one place may set off alarms. A Honey Bee Swarm in Dublin OH is simply a gathering of the original hive’s queen, drones, and worker bees. These are the bees who have left the hive in order to create a new one, in a new location. Since the old hive must find a new queen in order to survive, the remaining drones and worker bees will feed several of the original hive’s larvae a diet that includes royal jelly. The royal jelly is made by the worker bees and is crucial for a larva to develop into a queen. While several queens may be born at the same time, only one will be allowed to stay. The first queen born will become ruler of the old hive, and she will destroy any remaining queen larvae before they mature. If more than one queen hatches at the same time, they will fight until one of them dies.

The old hive will live on once a new queen has established herself within the hive. However, the bees who have swarmed must create a new home in order to survive. If left alone, swarming bees will move on naturally once they have found a spot that can sustain a new hive. While in the swarming state, bees are relatively harmless unless someone disturbs them. Unfortunately, sometimes bees swarm in a less than desirable location. When this occurs, their removal may become necessary. Rather than resorting to killing them, a better option would be to call a bee keeper who can relocate them instead. As the bee population has been quickly declining over the past few years, relocating a bee swarm is the more environmentally preferred method. For more information regarding swarming bees, Contact us.

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