What To Expect From A Residential Painting Contractor

by | Nov 21, 2015 | Home Improvement

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A residential painting contractor is a professional that are called upon to paint the interior and exterior surfaces in and around a home. This San Antonio painting professional has in-depth knowledge of paint and ensures the correct paint is purchased for the specific task. These contractors come equipped with everything that is necessary including ladders and scaffolding if called for.

There are fewer and fewer homes being built with wooden exteriors and many of those that were have now been resurfaced with aluminum or vinyl siding; this means that the majority of the work the painter is called upon to do is interior. The majority of exterior painting is dedicated to fences as well as staining wooden decks and patios. Depending on the size of the San Antonio painting task it may entail the use of multiple people working on the job simultaneously.

It is quite obvious that one of the benefits of hiring a professional San Antonio painting contractor is that the homeowner will not have to do the work himself. Other real benefits include a far better looking finished job and the advantage of having special tools and equipment that otherwise would have had to be purchased or rented. Examples are paint sprayers, extension ladders, scaffolding. Professional painters also possess unique skills that allow them to do decorative detailing such as textured walls and ceilings.

Often painting means that the painter has to work at heights, this always poses a danger and the potential of injury. When you decide to hire a professional painter make sure that he has workers comp insurance for his employees and liability insurance in the event there is any damage to your home while the work is going on.

Most residential painters start their career as an apprentice, working alongside experienced personnel who have many years in the business. Some will gain their knowledge and skills by attending vocational training courses.

There are numerous San Antonio painting contractors but like most things there are those that are excellent as well as those that are best avoided. Although most advertise in the local phone directory and have web sites, the best way to find one that does excellent work is through recommendation. If your neighbors or family members have not hired anyone in the past great sources of information are house builders, real estate agents and the people behind the counter in home decorating supply stores. Once you identify a quality contractor ask for references and discuss any unique aspects to the project.

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