What To Look For Before Buying A Compact Laminate

by | Nov 18, 2014 | Home Improvement

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The bathroom is a room that many people tend to forget when redecorating. However, it is one of the most used rooms in the home and business environment. You should take your time when choosing the fixtures, the flooring and the minor details, because everything should tie together to match the theme of the home. If you own a business and need to make the restroom meet the standards of visitors, employees and customers, why not invest in compact laminate toilet partitions?

What is Compact Laminate?

When you hear someone talk about compact laminate, you may also hear it being referred to as solid phenolic. Quite warm to the touch, this solid surface material has a paper and fibre base, and is commonly used to make toilet partitions. It is relatively thick and is also a great choice for shower systems. The most appealing thing about compact laminate, aside from its strength and durability, is the fact that it can be used to manufacture products in a rainbow of colours. It requires little to no maintenance and is highly resistant to water, therefore you need not worry about mildew and mould problems.

Things to Consider

The price for compact laminate is fairly reasonable but it can fluctuate, depending on how much you require. Despite this, the initial investment will pay off thanks to its low maintenance. Do your research before buying so that you can feel confident that the supplier is trusted and offers some kind of money back guarantee if it loses its condition. It is ideal for areas that are prone to moisture, so you may consider investing in compact laminate shower cubicles, wall cladding and other bathroom essentials, too. Some suppliers may even give you a discount if you buy a selection of products, so don’t be afraid to ask!

Finding a Supplier

There are some obvious ways to find a supplier that you can rely on, such as by getting in touch with friends and family who have purchased compact laminate bathroom fixtures before and browsing the web. Perhaps the best way to confirm the reliability and legitimacy of a company is by checking out the Citizens Advice Bureau WA (CABWA) website. CABWA has branches throughout Australia, so you can stop by if you want to investigate a supplier.

Whether you have a gym or office building that you want to add value and aesthetic appeal to, rely on Aqualoo for compact laminate. To find out more about this company’s Australia wide services, call 1300 735 977.

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