What You Need to Know About Energy Efficient Appliances in Lancaster Pennsylvania

by | Sep 30, 2014 | Appliances

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If you are planning to begin a kitchen remodeling project, you most likely already have a whole list of changes that you plan to make. You want new cabinetry, counters, and have most likely already picked out the type of flooring that you want. However, before you make big decisions about appliances, there is something that you should know. Did you know that nearly 30 percent of your home’s energy is used right in the kitchen? The stove, refrigerator, and even the garbage disposal an other small appliances altogether use just as much energy every month as the heating and cooling system that you have in place. With that being said, it is easy to understand why you should take a few extra steps in the remodeling project to make sure that you choose the most energy efficient Appliances Lancaster Pennsylvania you can.

Consider Changes You Cannot Afford to Avoid

You may be under the impression that most homeowners are when it comes to their outdated appliances. If there is nothing wrong with them and they still work, then why would you need to exchange them and waste your money. However, investing in new, energy efficient appliances is not a mistake, on any level. Your old appliances may work, but they do not work as efficiently as they should when it comes to energy consumption. For example, a modern convection oven, in comparison to a traditional style, will use abut a third less energy to perform the same functions. This is due to the fact that it contains an element to circulate heat throughout the space, which maintains a steady temperature without having to constantly use energy to reheat. To know more, click here.

Finding the Best Energy Efficient Appliances Lancaster Pennsylvania

Finding the best appliances when you are paying close attention to energy efficiency is a bot different than shopping for the appliance that looks the best. Take time to look at energy ratings that are available and shop with professional appliance centers who can offer sound advice.

During your kitchen remodel project, one of the greatest things you can do us make sure that you consider energy efficient appliances. For more information about the best appliances to choose and make the biggest changes in your home’s energy use, check out Jbzimmerman.com.



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