What you Need to Know About Marble Tiles New Canaan CT

by | Jan 28, 2014 | Home and Garden

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Marble Tiles New Canaan CT are preferred by many people because they have a naturally exquisite and elegant look. Marble tiles on surfaces automatically enhance the interior decor of a home. The tiles come in different colors and finishes. It is up to you to choose the type that best suits your unique taste and preference. Marble tiling can be done on floors, counter tops, fire place surroundings, bathroom walls and any other surface that may need to be decorated to improve the look.

Installation and Maintenance

The installation of marble tiles is done through a series of steps by professionals. Every step from the cleaning of the floor surface to the actual laying of tiles has to be done right to ensure the finished job is commendable. Proper maintenance will enhance durability of marble tiles and also maintain their original beauty. Marble is a porous material and is likely to absorb water or any other form of liquid, so it should be protected from spills that may cause stains on the surface.

Liquids such as wine and juices are acidic and are likely to stain marble tiles. Extra caution is required when handling these types of liquid. However, some spills are bound to happen no matter how careful you are. To the tiles from stains, professionals always apply barrier seals on the marble surface during the installation. This process is known as sealing, and it describes the procedure whereby a light coat of wax is applied on top of marble tiles to avoid liquid penetration. This procedure should be done regularly because the barrier seals wear off with time, leaving the marble tiles prone to stains once again.


Marble tiles are easy to clean because of their smooth surface. Extra caution should be taken when cleaning them, though, because some detergents have additives that are likely to stain the marble tiles or cause them to chip easily. To maintain the glossiness, marble tiles in New Canaan CT should be cleaned using a mop and a cleaning product with a neutral pH to avoid damaging the tiles.



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