What’s best, hire a painter or do it yourself?

by | Apr 23, 2015 | Home Decorating

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There is an old saying that goes something like “nothing lasts forever.” This is very true when it comes to the paint on your house. Over time the exterior of your house is subjected to everything nature can throw at it; rain, sun, hail, snow and freezing cold, sooner or later the effects become very noticeable. When your house reaches the point where it needs repainting what do you do; hire a professional painting company in Bernardsville or try to do the job as a DIY project? Painting a house is not overly difficult but it certainly is time consuming, dirty and takes a certain amount of skill to do it right. In most cases hiring a professional house painter is the best option but there are times when it is difficult to get a well respected company, this is especially true during the construction season when professionals with any skill are in demand.

If you decide to tackle painting your house there are a number of things that you will be wise to consider, these include the size of the project and the scope. Painting a single room might not be all that bad but painting an entire house is not an easy task. Before the new paint is applied there are many hours of work involved sanding and scraping the old paint off and applying a primer coat. Preparing a house for painting is a miserable job, it is a physically demanding task and there are few things messier. It may be possible for a reasonably fit homeowner to undertake a smaller task but larger projects will be very hard without help. It is the thoughts of preparation that often deters a homeowner from taking on the job himself.

There are hidden costs that a Bernardsville painting company is well aware of but many homeowners are not. The actual paint is one thing, both you and a professional is faced with that cost. However, what about the tools that a painter has and you don’t? A professional painter comes complete with everything that is needed to do the job and this can include expensive scaffolding and even sprayers.

A professional house painter has a great deal of experience and expertise that most homeowners do not have. Professionals know what areas should be masked off and protected so they are not affected by over-spray; this includes the garden, not just the windows. The time frame for completion is usually much shorter when the work is done by a painting company. If time is a serious consideration then a Bernardsville painting company will certainly do the job much faster than any “weekends only” homeowner.

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